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IBP- Planning Area refresh From Prod to QA

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Hi All,

I am looking for experts advice on planning area refresh in QA system wrt Production system. We have 2 tier landscape having QA and Prod tenants only. The ask from Business is to have Production data in QA planning area for some testing purpose.

1. Can we have a new PA in QA system and point the CPI interfaces to this new PA along with the existing interface?

2. Can we have multiple interfaces for Ex Product MD interface pointing to Planning Area 1 and Planning Area 2 in the same IBP system?

3. Is it good approach to delete all existing MD and TD before re loading for a quality data?

your inputs are highly helpful



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Hi Divya, this kind of refresh is only available in a 3-system landscape (DEV / QAS / PRD environments).

1) You could only do this if the MD for this new PA are independent, but you'd have to replicate all the CI-DS interfaces to this new target PA;

2) Yes, but as detailed above you'd have to replicate your interfaces;

3) I'm assuming you're talking about deleting existing MD in QAS environment and only then load the PRD data, if so, than it could be a good approach but remember that you'll lose all your transactional data.

Best Regards,
Jorge Serpa.