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IBP operator failing with error - Group Operator will be deprecated in a future release

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Hi All,

One of the Group Operator is failing in IBP S&OP with error as below, did anyone have come across similar issue and let me know possible reason for this:-

Group Operator will be deprecated in a future release

Error message

Replace Group Operator with a job chain, each operator in the Group Operator configured as a step in the job chain.

In case group operator was triggered by the data integration post-processing, this feature can be replaced by configuring a job chain with the first step configured for HCI data upload and subsequent steps configured with the operators contained in the group



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mrigendra,

I assume you are on 1808 release instead of 1708 since that's a pretty obsolete release. In anyway you may check the following page for more information on the deprecation:

Please feel free to raise an incident with SAP Support in case you still want to use the Group Operators until your system is upgraded to 1811.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Irmi,

Thanks for your response

We are currently on 1708. Do you still think the above reason can be causing failure?

Also, we will try to raise an OSS message with SAP to check as you suggested



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Group operator will be depreciated with 1902. With 1811 you will not be able to schedule it with new jobs or to create new operators.

Are you on 1808?

You could create OSS message as this should not happen as long as you are in 1808, but I rather suggest you directly create a job chain with the job template functionality and schedule that, as you have to do it anyhow, and it would be faster.