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IBP Key Figure Calculation Based on Month


Hi Experts

We have a requirement to generate a Key Figure which should be a calculation where based on the month the Key Figure should be populated by either 1 of 2 key figures. For Example the New Key figure Should be populated By key figure one if the month is January and by key figure 2 for months February to December. We know that this is possible for a key figure using the current time period as a reference with the $$PERIODIDnCU$$ operator but can it be done by referenving given monrhs for the calculation



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ebrahim,

Assuming year starts from Jan in your case, you can write following logic

1. Create a key figure which will always have value 1 (Always 1 here)

2. Define CAGR logic for KF2 (IBP_CAGR(KF1,SUM,FORWARD,PASTCURRENTFUTURE,6) The last parameter is the time profile level at which the CAGR calculation restarts. Here, yearly level. Further details regarding IBP_CAGR are available below

3. You can use KF2 for further calculation for e.g. if you want to filter out Jan then write a KF definition as IF(KF2=1,1,0)

Hope this helps!!



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Answers (1)

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can you confirm always KF1 period Jan and KF2 periods Feb to Dec sum values to be populated in NKF1?

Can you explain the business requirements if possible?

Best Regards,