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IBP disaggregation expresion

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We have the following requirement regarding disaggregation KF:

Depending the base level planners are updating values, the dissagregation to the following base level is differnent.

How can this set up in the disaggregation expression of the Key Figure?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Carlos,

Given that:

  • All the key figures in the expression must be stored and must have the same base planning level as the key figure for which the expression is defined.
  • All the attributes must be from the base planning level of the key figure for which the expression is defined

Could you please give more details and the logic for expression? There are many disaggregation methods in IBP.

1) Equal distribution (Not proportional)

2) Disaggregate by the same key figure to the base level (Proportional)

3) Disaggregate by other key figure to the base level (Proportional)

4) Disaggregate by expression. You can write some formulas such as IF KF1 is blank > Disaggregate with KF2 > Else Disaggregate by KF1.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Sittinut.

What I need is the following:

Same Key figure KF1, has to be disaggregated from customer level to sku level using other key figure (KF3) and same KF1 has to be disaggregated from SKU to location level using other KF (KF4).

So we need 2 different disaggregation logics for the same KF, depending on base planning level.

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Hello Carlos

I am bit confused when you say that disagg needs to happen from customer to SKU and then from SKU to location. Are you trying to say that KF1 is at customer product level which needs to be dissagg at KF2 which is at product location level and while the disagg happens it need to respect KF3 and KF4, which are at different planning level ?

If my understanding is right, then the only way to acheive this is to write advance disagg expression and by advance disagg expression I mean expression needs to be written in way which is presently not available in any help document.

for example you have use jf function of coloumn engine which is similar to IF function. If you can mock the requierment in excel by mentioned all the KFs base planning level and roots, i can help you write the dissagg expression for the same.