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IBGI - How to specify billing type explicitly to create proforma invoice

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Hello colleagues,

What I want to do are listed below for outbound shipment to oversea customers (export).

Sales order(ERP) -> Outbound delivery(ERP) -> Outbound delivery order(EWM)

-> Pick/Pack/Stage/Load(EWM) -> Outbound delivery(EWM)

-> "Request Invoice"(EWM) -> Proforma invoice(F8)(ERP) -> Receive B/L from forwarder

-> G/I(EWM) -> G/I(ERP) -> Invoice(F2) with FI posting(A/R,Revenue)(ERP)

To achieve that, I configured IBGI (Invoice creation Before Goods Issue) and clicked "Request Invoice" button on outbound delivery/TU maintenance screen in EWM, but it created normal invoice (billing type F2) in ERP.

It seems billing type F2 is derived from configuration of sales order type (transaction VOV8).

I looked for EWM configuration to specify billing type F8 explicitly in IBGI interface, but I didn't find.

Please advice me if there is any solution (configuration or BADI).

Best regards,

Masaki Nagano / SAP Japan

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Hi Juergen,

I tried enhancement spot /SCWM/EW_SR_IBGI, but it can't fulfill my requirement because this BADI has changing parameter CT_ROUTE_IBGI only and then we can't influence billing type determination by this BADI.

I also share the program calling structures as below.

Click "Request Invoice and Save" in transaction /SCWM/FD -> method SEND_INVOICE_CREATE_MESSAGE of class /SCWM/CL_SR_IBGI is called -> fm /SCWM/SR_INVOICE_CREATE is called as background task -> fm /SPE/CREATE_NEW_BILLING_CALL is called -> fm RV_INVOICE_CREATE is called -> Billing document is created in ERP

RV_INVOICE_CREATE has importing parameter INVOICE_TYPE (billing type), but caller fm doesn't pass any value to this parameter (off course there is no BADI to change this coding), so I concluded that we can't control billing type from EWM as of now (OP 2020).

I hope SAP will provide new customizing parameter or BADI to be able to specify billing type from EWM.