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IBGI - How to specify billing type explicitly to create proforma invoice

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Hello colleagues,

What I want to do are listed below for outbound shipment to oversea customers (export).

Sales order(ERP) -> Outbound delivery(ERP) -> Outbound delivery order(EWM)

-> Pick/Pack/Stage/Load(EWM) -> Outbound delivery(EWM)

-> "Request Invoice"(EWM) -> Proforma invoice(F8)(ERP) -> Receive B/L from forwarder

-> G/I(EWM) -> G/I(ERP) -> Invoice(F2) with FI posting(A/R,Revenue)(ERP)

To achieve that, I configured IBGI (Invoice creation Before Goods Issue) and clicked "Request Invoice" button on outbound delivery/TU maintenance screen in EWM, but it created normal invoice (billing type F2) in ERP.

It seems billing type F2 is derived from configuration of sales order type (transaction VOV8).

I looked for EWM configuration to specify billing type F8 explicitly in IBGI interface, but I didn't find.

Please advice me if there is any solution (configuration or BADI).

Best regards,

Masaki Nagano / SAP Japan

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Not sure what copy control you have in vtfl. Also, it is not clear whether you have different delivery types for export and domestic sales in which case, you can very well set f8 proforma to your export delivery type in vtfl. Also, in standard, system will allow you to create f2 only after goods issue is posted and in your case, if that is happening, then, routine 11 is set in copy control

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Hello Genesan,

Thank you for your answer.

We use standard sales order type OR and delivery type LF.

Copy routine 003 (Header/dlv.-related) is assigned to F2/LF combination in VTFL and normally billing document F2 can only be created after G/I posting as you mentioned.

But we use IBGI (Invoice Before Goods Issue) (SAP Help - IBGI) in EWM and in this case we can create billing document F2 before G/I posting. It may be done by IBGI specific coding of routine 003 (see attached PNG file).


What I really want to know is how to specify billing type F8 in IBGI interface instead of F2 to create proforma invoice in advance.