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I am not able to upload data from source system to infocube

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Hi Experts,

I am not able to upload data from source system to infocube

I have created source system , data source and data is loaded into PSA,

I have created Infocube, activated DTP still not able to see the data

when I am displaying Data in Infocube  it throw a message "no message Exist"

Thanks in advance

Rebekah H

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Answers (4)

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Checked the responses below and screenshots attached by you.

Hope you have executed the DTP, Since No request found when you are managing the infocube.

If not executed double click on DTP in the last tab there is an execute button , Click on execute to transfer the data from PSA to Infocube.

Also check whether you have proper authorization for data loading and data display.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Rebekah,

If you can give some answers below maybe we can help:

1- Are you able to see your data at PSA level? You can check this in the PSA table. Just double click your datasource in RSA1 and from the menu go to Goto-->Technical Attributes. There you can see the PSA table name. You can also double click and reach to the table directly.

2- Is your DTP a delta or full load?

3- Do you see any Request in your infoprovider after you run the DTP? (Check this by right clicking your infoprovider and choose "Manage" from the menu.) If yes, what is the number under "Added Records"? (Probably 0, if you see a Request)

4- Do you have any "Filter" in your DTP? (Check if there is any Check sign next to Filter button in the first tab of your DTP)

5- Finally, do you have any Start or End routine in your transformation?

You can add screenshots if you want to, that may also help to analyse the issue.



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Hi Klamox,

Thanks for your reply

1. Yes, I can see the data in PSA

2. DTP -full update

3. Request '0'

4. No

5. No

Appreciate your reply.many thanks in advance.



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Hello Rebekah,

I am sure you know these steps. But repeating it  here.

1. Create Source System
2. Create Data Source
3. Create Infopackge based on the Data Source
4. You create Infocube or DSO.
5. Then you create data transformation for mapping fields between Data source and Data Target (DSO or Infocube)
6. Then you create Data Transfer Process(DTP) where you define Target and Source for DTP,  Extraction Mode(Full/Delta) etc. 

In DTP you have option of activating Error Handling, you also need to create Error DTP in the same screen. This will help you know whether you have any erroneous records which is causing data transfer to fail.

Please check.

Thank you
Satish Waghmare

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Did you ACTIVATE master data of the info-object ?. With DTP (unlike direct scheduling) there is this additional step that you may be likely to overlook. Without activation of master data, you wont see any data in the target cube even after DTP.. I don't recall chicken or egg first but you can check this quickly.

Secondly also check if you activated the request in your DSO. Without activation, you cannot "view" data in the target infocube



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As long as data can be loaded into PSA, the datasource extractio is working fine at APO side.

So you can try to ask your question to BW forum. I  think people there may understand it better.

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Hi Rebekah H,

As explained in the above reply, it will be useful take the help of BW consultant/ BW Forum.

We can trigger data transfer from PSA to the infocube and check if any errors are there and the status of the transfer.



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Hi Rebekah

As I understand, you have loaded data in PSA and it is visible.

Have you maintained Transfomations?

Without transformations data can not get loaded from PSA to InfoCube.

Please Execute DTP again after maintaining Transformations.


Ankit J

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Hi Ankit

Thanks for your reply,

Yes i maintained transformation,

again executed DTP,

same issue -"No message Exist"