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HUTYP in Material master

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Hi Gurus,

When we do CIF of material master , we need to update HU Type manually in Product master. After every CIF,  we need to update in product master.

Is is possible to update the same in ECC material master? How to update the same in MARA-HUTYP?

Any clue?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes. First, if not already done, open up additional material master views (WM packaging +1) in configuration. You will find it in one of the configuration nodes..I am not in front of the system right now.

Next, configure the HU type in the integration, keep the same HU type that you want in EWM.

Once these are done, HU type starts getting synced to EWM with CIF.

Perhaps these settings are missing in your system hence, system is simply wiping off this field as it is only maintained in EWM.

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Thanks a lot. It helped .

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