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How to reprocess the Inbound delivery from EWM to ECC

Hello All,

We have a scenario where PO created and Inbound delivery replicated to EWM.

Goods have been delivered and goods receipt posted in EWM and the status in EWM is completed.

However it got stuck in SMQ2 and system has not posted GR in ECC.

SMQ2 error log in ECC has been deleted by someone.

I have 2 questions, 1. How to check who deleted the SMQ2 log and also how re trigger the GR from EWM to ECC. (As the Putaway is completed)

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Go to SMQ2 --> qRFC --> Log --> Display log. Give Queue name as *delivery_number* and execute. You will get an idea of what happened to the queue. The last date that you see is the last time it was tried for reprocessing before deleting the queue. So, you will get an idea on what date it was deleted.

Then go to SM21 and give the dates and enter Message ID as Q26 and execute.

You will get the user id and what queue was deleted.

Best regards

Janardhan S Musigeri