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How to include a "weekday" data access definition for FO creation date or system date?


Hello gurus,

I need to specify a different Carrier Selection Settings for weekends in a /SCMTMS/DEF_CS condition. What I mean is that for the same Freight Order Type, a Carrier Selection Settings needs to be used from Monday to Friday but a different one on Saturdays and Sundays.

For this, I require adding a column that would let me specify the weekday as input alluding to either the Freight Order's Created On date or the current system date.

I've already tried adding a data access definition for Created On but the default "Data Element for Input Help" that is applied is a Date - Time selector (/BOFU/TSTMP_CREATION_TIME).

I tried manually changing the Data Element for Input Help to /SCMTMS/WEEKDAY in the hopes that the system would be able to infer the weekday from the date information. I got the kind of input selector that I need for this field but the condition doesn't really work (I guess the system isn't able to do dynamic inference from one type of data element to the other).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Rob Nanga

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