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How to download PDS in background?

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Dear All,

In APO transaction /N/SAPAPO/CURTO_SIMU, there is no option of 'Execute in background'.

I need to download PDS of thousands of material at multiple plants.

If I run this transaction in the foreground with the above data, system shows an information i.e. "Too many data found. Restrict selection." without giving any output.

How can I induce the functionality of "Execute in background" in this transaction?

Thanks in advance.


Sagar Irabatti.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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if what you wan't is a huge list of PDS, I suggest you try with one of the BAPIs ie. BAPI_PDSSRVAPS_GETLIST or even BAPI_PDSSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI, that would allow you to modify them.

Else, you have the tables to look there directly (see post



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