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How to disable document preview tab in Output management

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Hello all,

I need your inputs to identify possibilities in resolving it.

Requirement is to disable document preview tab in output management . Please do let me know how I can achieve this?

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Hi Sunil,

If you donot want the tab at all, then you can review from the tabbed UIBB configuration. Incase you want to disable it based on some logic, then you can do by customizing the configuration. You have to do this for the tab exit '/BOFU/PPF_DETAILS_TAB_EXIT_V2'. 

How to do: Open this configuration and then in the url replace 'configure_component' to 'customize_component'. There you can find the element 'tabcontrol (PREVIEW)'. You can insert a new condition through which the tab can be disabled.



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Thanks Hari,

I used the same approach to resolved the issue. Thanks for your reply.