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How to check ATP results for multiple items on one screen (Public Edition)

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Hello SAP experts?

Is there a way to check ATP results for multiple items at once in Public Edition?
Currently, when i search for one item, i can check ATP calculation results (available inventory quantity) for multiple dates. (In CO09)
But on the other hand, is there a Standard Report that allows me to check the ATP calculation results for multiple items by specifying a specific date?

Answers I'll wait.

thank you 🙂

SAP S/4HANA for advanced ATP 


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Hi @csjung ,

afaik there is no option to check multiple articles at once similar like you can do it for one in CO09. Usually you need to build a wrapper report around the respective BAPI which returns ATP results to achieve this. However this is most likely not possible in your cloud based system.

BR, Peter