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How to change approval priorities for To-Dos in Home screen

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Dear Support, 

I want to change approval priorities in S/4HC, but noticed that most approval tasks are shown in To-Dos section of Home screen as Medium priority and this seems to be default so far. 

Please advise how to change from medium to high and wise-versa?

Best Regards, 


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Hello everyone, 
While searching for solution to this inquiry I found a relevant SAP Note: 3210447 - BADI (

Please be informed, that to set different work item priorities based on your own custom logic for Procurement documents, you will need to realize it using BADi, BADI MMPUR_WFL_CONTEXT_ENHANCE. However this BADi is available only for Purchase Requisitions and not for Purchase Orders according to SAP response. 

Exerpt from the Note 3210447: The BADI MMPUR_WFL_CONTEXT_ENHANCE is only fully enabled for Purchase Requisitions. Setting a work item priority for Purchase Orders via the BADI is not yet enabled.