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How to Capture the field in "last Changed" in activities

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Hi everyone,

I need to capture the field in "last Changed" in activities in a variable in UDF and them to show it in the activities details on the web In FSM.

Could you tell me how I can do it or where I can see an example?

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Hi Ruben

In addition to what Yanik wrote, you can format the value so it's human readable. Example:

${moment(activity.lastChanged).tz('America/Los_Angeles').format('MMM Do YYYY hA')}

See docs.

Also please make sure the business rule is synchronous, as it would otherwise potentially cause data conflicts when all the systems (ERP, Cloud, Mobile Apps) interact.

Best regards

Raphael Barabas


Hello Ruben,

at first you need to create an UDF with the object type "activity".

Then create a business rule with the event "On Object Create or Update" for the object type "activity". You shouldn't even need any extra variables or conditions for this business rule but you can add some if you need to. Just go to action and use "update object" as action. There you can fill out the values just as in the attached screenshot. For Name you need to use your own udf name (udf."your udf name").

After this activate the business rule and add your UDF to the screenconfig, so the dispatchers can see this field. Use the screenconfiguation "CSActivitySidebar" if your still using the old UI. If your already on the new Modal UI use the screenconfiguration "ServiceCallAppActivityTab" to add your UDF to the activity screen.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards