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How to call Bopf action on departure event?

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Hi Team,

Good day.

I have to call BOPF action on Freight order departure event. I am new to event management.

I have checked in the View exit class .

do we need to call the action in any event management class methods or can I create post exit method to call the BOPF action in the above method of the view exit class?

thanks for your support.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hello psraju7

I think you should not enhance any UI related classes. If you do, your enhancement will work only if an event is reported with the Freight Order edit app; it won't work if an event is reported otherwise e.g. with EWM integration or with business API.

Instead you should enhance the underlying action of the /SCMTMS/TOR BOBF object. Check the /SCMTMS/TOR object in the BOBF transaction. Events are reported with the REPORT_EVENT action:

You can implement pre- and post-action enhancements using the BOBF framework. See SAP TM Enhancement Guide 9.x on how to implement enhancements in SAP TM. Pre- and post-action enhancements are described starting from page 44.

Beset regards

Dominik Tylczynski