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How to bypass HU Type check during Replenishment

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Hello SAP Gurus,

We are faced with the following situation.

Storage Type RACK has 'HU Type Check' active. So, when we receive materials from the vendors, we pack them, and then depending on the HU Types, system does the putaway into suitable Bin Types.

We have another Storage Type RSRV (Reserve Stock) where we maintain the reserve stock of some materials, and from which we perform 'Order Based Replenishment' to RACK.

The problem is when we execute the replenishment, system creates a Stock Transfer Document (/SCWM/IM_ST) to move stock from RSRV to RACK. But when we try to create the Warehouse Tasks for this document, we get the error related to HU Type check failure. System does not know the 'HU Type' for this internal movement.

If the quantity of this replenishment covers a whole HU from RSRV (meaning we can move a whole HU), then system uses the HU type of this HU for making this check and allows the creation - given this HU type is allowed in RACK storage type.

However, if the required qty is less than the qty in the HU in RSRV, meaning we cannot move the whole HU, system does not determine any HU type.. and hence this HU Type check fails.

What we have tried is: using the pack profile in the WOCR we have been able to create the Pick HUs for such movements. But still we get the same error.

Anybody else has faced such issue?

Is there any way to bypass the HU Type check for internal movements?

Thanks in advance for any leads!


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if the HU type of your Pick HU created by pack profile in the WOCR is always the same for all movements to the RACK you can bypass the HU Type Check during WT creation by maintaining a mapping of HU Type = BLANK to the respective bin types. This will allow WT creation.

However, the system will check again once HU type is known and if it is not allowed on the previously determined bin you will get an error. Maybe additional customizing of alternative storage bin type sequence could also help to fulfill your requirement.

If you meanwhile found a solution I would be eager to know how you solved it seeing that we have a similar issue and are facing issues during WT confirmation in RF in case the picked HU type is not allowed.

Thanks and best regards,