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How to assign hu type quantity for material like WM in EWM?

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Hello Guru's.

In EWM how to maintain palletization data for hu type like BOX- 100PC, Bag-50 pc for material like in WM material master we will maintain LE qty. If 200 pc material comes then 2 boxes have to create if below 100 then bags have to be created?

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Hi amit.ramteke,

I think you need to maintain min. Qty in Pack spec for your requirement.

1 -> Min Qty: 100 and Target Qty: 100

2 -> Min Qty: 0 and Target Qty: 99

Could you please try above and let us know your outcome.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Amit,

For this purpose EWM system provides pack specifiation which you can maintain in /SCWM/PACKESPEC.

You can maintain levels for every packaging material and how many pcs should be packed automatically into HU. But it is not simple like in WM because you have to maintain also condition records which will automatically pack the items during creation of HUs in goods receipt process.

You can read about it:

Best regards,


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But it is creating nested hu for your shown screen shot.

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it is creating nested hu sir.but my requirement is if 500 qty goods receipt has done it has to create 5 hus, if it is below 100 then it has to create another hus