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How to add reason code during usage decision of EWM inspection lot (1701)

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Hello Experts,

Requirement - During posting "BLOCK" usage decision of EWM 1701 type inspection lot , user need to select "Reason for movement" or "EWM Reason code" , In QA11 tranaction seems, there is no option to select /configure reason code selection

This is possible with non EWM inspection lots (example 01 type) but not with EWM inspection lots?

Need your help to know any standard option is available?

Best Regards,


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Dear Miliind,

thank you for the details provided.

I have to confirm that it is not possible to enter 'Reason for Movement' for EWM inspection lots when posting quantity in usage decision (transaction QA11). In case of inspection lot origin 17 stock posting is carried out in EWM system (unlike other lot origins) and giving a specific reason code during follow-up processing is a not supported function. Missing functionality.

The mapping regarding reason codes in EWM is supported by the following cases:

  • Extended Warehouse Management -> Work Scheduling -> Make Posting Change for Product (/SCWM/POST)
  • Extended Warehouse Management -> Execution -> Post Unplanned Good Issue (/SCMW/ADGI)
  • Extended Warehouse Management -> Monitoring -> Warehouse Management Monitor (/SCWM/MON) -> Monitor Node "BBD/SLED Overview" Method: Change Stock Type
  • ABAP Report "/SCWM/R_STOCK_TYPE_CHANGE" - "Mode 1 - Stock Type Change"

This is documented in SAP Note 2177016.

Further information in SAP Note 1408478.

Have a nice day,



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