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How can I use PMR with more than one storage locations?


Hello Community,

in order to seprate the stock in a AFS availabe for sale location and for production i want to create my psa's in a seperate storage location. And i want to use the new extended production integration with EWM PMR.

So i tried to set a a control cycle with staging indicator 5 and I wanted to set 2 storage locations

AFS -> 11P1 

so the material lies i a high rack and should be brought to production in another sloc. There the stock is safe and could not be sold thorugh a sales order / outboudn delivery due to ATP/picking location settings.


But: system does not allow this setup, even if both slocs are ewm managed under the same warehouse number.


any idea how to achive the scenario anyways?





br, doepat


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


yes, a control cycle for advanced production integration does not allow a different storage location. You need to set this up using one storage location and then set up the stock determination ( in order to stage the product from another storage location.



All the above is no official SAP statement.

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