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How can I do better selection in planning book ?

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I am not an expert in BW and DP.

So I really apreciate some help !

In our planning book, we have 2 characteristics i.e. Line and location:

CVC are :

Line     location

A           7000

A           1000

B          7000

B          1000

And we want to select in a profil in planning book only

A          7000

B          1000

Of course we do not have only 4 CVC but lot of more.

In a selection profile, it is impossible, since we select line A and B  , and location 1000 and 7000.

Do you have any idea ?

Thanks for your help.


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Answers (1)

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Hi Emmanuelle,

For the above scenario you need to create two selection profiles.

One with Product as A and Location 1000 or * (Excluding location 7000) and

Another one with Product B and Location 7000 or * (Excluding Location 1000)

It would not be possible to include this scenario in one selection profile. As both the prodcts have have same locations



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Hello diana,

Thanks for your reply.

We found an other solution creating a new ratio and using a macro that makes the sum needed.

It is not "best practice" but it will be helpful for user.

Have a nice day.