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Hello friends,

Can any body tell me what is mean by

SNP production horizon


Stock transfer horizon.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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SNP Production Horizon

Horizon in which Supply Network Planning (SNP) do not plan production.You divide the areas of responsibility for planning between the SNP production horizon and the PP/DS Horizon: You plan production with SNP outside of the SNP production horizon . Scheduling (PP/DS).

SNP does not create any planned orders in the Production (planned) key figure, but moves production to the first day after this horizon.

SNP Stock Transfer Horizon

Horizon during which Supply Network Planning do not plan stock transfers.

In contrast to the SNP Production Horizon, this horizon prevents stock transfers from being planned too last minute, leaving insufficient time for the organization to react.

Enter the number of days, weeks, or months during which the system is not to plan stock transfers. The time period starts on the system date . The system does not generate any planned distribution receipts within this horizon; instead, it moves them to the first day after the SNP stock transfer horizon.

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