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Hierarchy Level item of ODO unexpected create after confirmed first HU WT

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Dear All,

I would like to fix this issue any idea it would be appreciated.

I'm working on EWM 9.4, I created Outbound Delivery in ERP with only 1 item and distributed to EWM. In EWM came with 1 item like usual then i created 2 HU WTs (1WT/1WO) to fulfill this picking. It's just a normal picking processes. (VAS, Kitting, etc.. are not relevant)

But after I confirmed first HU WT, another ODO item is created with Hierarchy Level 1 and Picking Status of Header is completed even I haven't confirmed all HU WTs yet. I'm curious to find out. Please give me some advice,

Thanks and Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert


that the picking status is "Completed" is not nice, but in my opinion just a fuzzy status. AFAIK the status only knows "not started" (which is not true) or "completed" (which is not really true, but not that wrong...?).

Regarding the sub-item: do you eventually work with stock specific unit of measures?



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And it is EWM. NOT eWM - Duh!

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Sarinya,

Hope the below information will help you.

The system works as designed, if you have items with picking/GI/GR status 'not

relevant' and 'completed', the aggregated header picking/GI/GR status displays
The status distribution (DSP) must also be considered.

But there is a new status introduced with notes 1274794 and 1486855

status DPD - Picking and Distribution / DGD - Goods Issue and Distribution / DDD - Goods Receipt and Distrib.
Activate this status in your status customizing (SPRO-> EWM ->
Cross-Process Settings -> Delivery Processing->Status Management).
You can use this status also for selection in the warehouse monitor.

Please implement the following note as well: 1630953 (if not implemented yet).

I try to give you detailled explanation based on the DGI status below
(but this is the same also for status DGR):

You display an outbound delivery order (PDO) in the /SCWM/PRDO
transaction to monitor or select your documents which are completed with
goods issue posting.
The Goods Issue Status field of the header line is set to "Completed"
however there is a remaining quantity for goods issue. The subitems for
the partial quantity are posted goods issue. In the reality the goods
issue is not finished phisically yet for the whole quantity.

After splitting an item the Goods Issue status of the main item will be
set to "Not relevant" and only the subitems will be considered. Since
the subitem is posted goods issue the overall Goods Issue status on
document header level will be set to "Completed" even if there is
remaining quantity for picking and goods movement.

In this case it is not enough to check only the goods issue status
because it gives you information about the subitems, but you have to
consider also the Distribution status, which reflects that the split is
not yet completed. This is not an error, this is the correct system
behaviour. To handle such situations new statuses were introduced with
note 1486855.

Now if you want to monitor the goods issue status then please check the
Goods Issue and Distribution status on header level which takes into
consideration the whole item quantity and item splits.

It is very important that first you have to activate these
statuses (or at least the DDD for the current
issue) in the customizing. You can do it here:

SPRO -> Extended Warehouse Management -> Cross-Process Settings ->
Delivery Processing -> Status Management -> Define Status Profiles.
Both on header and item level!!!

Since these are not obligatory statuses they are set to inactive by
default. You have to activate them manually in the corresponding profile
(depending on the document category) before monitoring the status

Source: Please Click

DPD - Picking and Distribution

Please go through the link,try these OSS for your case and let us know if you have any further issues or outcomes.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Juergen,

Thank you so much for you answer, yes, I'm working on SUoM and you right ODO Item it splits because i checked Update Delivery Item SUoM in ODO item. But I'm still curious about the fuzzy status which is still incorrect. By the way time is running out, I'm going with unchecked Update Delivery Item SUoM in ODO item.

Other ideas it would be appreciated,

Best regards,