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  1. 1. I release DP results to SNP for 10 products  but  only 4 results get success remaining 6 get failure .if now again release the same results DP to SNP what will happen?  I don’t want to delete the 4products results and again sending from DP to SNP. Is there any option to send results again DP to SNP? The results may not get doubled?

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You may notice the below settings:

- If you use /sapapo/mc90 to release, there's a 'Add data' setting in 'Target' area.

- If you use DP background job with release activity to release, there's a 'Create new orders' setting in the release profile, in 'Extras' area.

If you refer to the F1 help of them, you'll get to know that they're controlling the same thing.

And I'm sure the F1 help will answer the above questions of yours

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