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Heuristics execution from custom screen in APO

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I'd like to execute heuristics from custom screen in which we can select operations and planned orders.

How can I call the heuristics? Is there any BADI or anything?

I want to execute "SAP003" heuristics known as manual sequence scheduling. This algorithm (function module) is "/SAPAPO/HEUR_PLAN_SEQUENCE_MAN", but I don't think it's good way to call it directly because some planning data and parameters should be inputted and some data should be read from live cache before calling this function module. Which program/function module should be called?

Would you give me some advice?


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you can change the Std Heuristics with your Custom Heurstic with BADI's.

You can do it by BADI :/SAPAPO/RRP_HEUR_DO

Also check BADI:


Tcode for BADI :SE18/SE19.


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Thank you very much for prompt reply.

I'll check the BADI with my colleague since I'm application side.