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Heuristic selection

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Dear Gurus,

We need a heuristic which should do the following:

a. Finite backwards scheduling

b. Take setup time into consideration (setup matrix)

c. Order priority

The closest heuristic I got was Schedule Sequence (SAP001) with algorithm /SAPAPO/HEUR_PLAN_SEQUENCE. However this performs a current date scheduling.

Does SAP have any other heuristic which meets the above mentioned criteria? I have searched a lot but couldn't get one.

Thanks in advance!


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Answers (1)

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Hi Snigdho

You can use reschedule function using scheduling strategy settings as per your requirement to achive finite backward scheduling. It will consider set up time from set up matrix but it will not optimize set up time.

Second option is you can use SAP_DS_02 enhanced multilevel backward scheduling heuristic.

but above heuristic will not consider priorty ans it also schedules orders in past.

One more option is you can use BADI /sapapo/if_ex_rrp_heur_do to consider user defined scheduling strategy during heuristic run in background. Here you can use heuristic SAP001 with user defined strategy so that it ignores in built strategy settings in heuristic.



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Sorry but you can use this BADI for DS heuristic it is only for planning heuristic.