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I've started reading some information on SDI and how it's used to pull in data for IBP Response. I understand it's more comprehensive than HCI, SLT, DS etc. If my requirement is to load data from SAP systems - ECC or BW to IBP, should I continue to use HCI-DS or should I go for SDI?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mathew,

In fact, it's not a matter of choice... SDI is only available with a few, hard-coded templates for IBP Response. It cannot be used as a general purpose data load tool for all IBP modules. So HCI-DS is still the recommended tool for all data loads into IBP, apart from IBP response.

We plan to combine both solutions (SDI & HCI-DS) in the future, but this will not happen short term. At least throughout 2017, HCI-DS will remain the data integration tool for IBP, while SDI is further integrated for real-time order level replication into IBP Response.




Product manager SAP HANA Cloud Integration for data services and HANA smart data integration

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Hi Mathew,

could you please confirm that now SDI is combined in HCI or not ?


Raj Kumar Singh

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No, SDI and HCI/CPI are seperate tools. This will remain like this for 2017, but as I stated above, we are looking in combining both (2018 +).

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Hi Ben,

As of IBP 1802 I see a lot of focus and a new addition SAP S/4HANA, supply chain integration add-on for SAP Integrated Business Planning and there is a mention of Integration models also.

Can you please confirm whether SDI will be preferred over HCI now for data transfers between IBP & S/4 Hana ?

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