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Handling Item that cannot be splited in Putaway

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Hi Masters

    I want to ask what is the best practice for handling item that have characteristic by roll example like fabric, the requirement is that we do not want to cut the fabric so putaway must be done on 1 roll but each roll is unique and can consists of different qty example same article will have 200m 210m or maybe 194m ( from vendors, PO uom is in meters ).  How we plan to putaway those item ? regarding capacity check ? right now SAP will split by palletization and that is not accurate... and it required user to check first if the bin is enough to store 1 roll of item  

Thank you for your input 







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I suggest managing SU (Storage units) for each roll. This prevents SAP from splitting the batch and thus storing each complete UA by storage bin.

For capacity per storage bin, you can do it by number of SU in this configuration:



I hope this proposal helps you