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GR with MIGO for SNC Relevant Materials

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One of our plants would like to bring a number of suppliers on board to SNC.

However, the key point is that they do not want to use ASNs prior to shipment for POs.

Is it possible to have SNC relevant POs received in ECC with MIGO without ASNs (hence no inbound delivery documents).

Currntly, all of SNC users create ASNs prior to making the shipment.



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I understand the ability to not do ASN prior to shipment.

Does this mean you should not set the confirmation control key in ECC.

The PO going to SNC has an inbound delivery confirmation control key assigned, so when the GR is being attempted in MIGO, it is expecting an Inbound Delivery #.


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Hi Anjan,

There are couple of things that you can do.

1. In the purchasing info record, maintain the Confirmation Control which does not "LA Shipping Notification" as Confirmation sequence. By this ERP would not expect Inbound Delivery. (Even you maintain LA, MIGO would still allow you todo GR without ASN). You can maintain the settings at

SPRO --> Materials Management --> Purchasing --> Confirmations --> Set Up Confirmation Control

2. On SNC side, maintain "ASN not allowed" for the Confirmation Control. The setting can be maintained for Customer BP, Supplier BP, Customer Location, Supplier Location, Product.

By this, Supplier can not create ASN in SNC even if he / she wants to.

You can maintain the settings at

SPRO --> Supply Network Collaboration --> Purchase Order --> Make General Settings for Purchase Orders --> Set Confirmation Control