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GATP using Shelf Life

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Hi APO Experts,

We intend to use the Shelf Life Planning for carrying out GATP check for finished products.

The System should be able to provide a availability date during Sales Order creation after considering the Shelf Life of the products and the Transit time to customers.

Has anyone worked on this kind of scenario before? If yes, kindly guide.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sandeep,

For Shelf life scenario, the following conditions are pre-requisites

The stocks needs to be batch managed. For this, the relevent shelf-life characteristics needs to be created in system and are assigned to a class. This class should be of classtype 023. This class will be linked in the classification view of the material master. Once this set up is done, the stock produced everytime will have the shelf life characteristics as per the batch number which is very visible to GATP.

So, during GATP check, the system checks the FG stocks as per the batch and shelf life and plans accordingly.


R. Senthil Mareeswaran.

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Hi Senthil,

I though of searching some threads before posting a question exactly on the same topic and glad to find this has been a a well placed requirement. SAP producu presentation of GATP 5.0 talked about shelf life features but still dont see how to realize this.

Take this simple example below where I am consolidating batch stocks from other locations to a a single location in a manner that meets the minimum shelf life of product at the time of arrival (calcuated from shelf life at plant + scheudling time transit etc). How will the search happen if I defined a location chain in rules based ATP. I am not talking of batch determination at delivery and then working forwards.. but batch determination based on actual product availability that is meeting or exceeding the minimum remaining shelf life with the objective of first expired products being picked first. If the table below is not formatted well do let me know. The example shows are simple backward scheduling of dates just to be able to meet the MAD at the consolidation plant. Delievry correlation has be adhered to and full or one time delivery is required



Material Plant Requested qty Requested Delivery Date Min. Shelf Life ATA Available qty on MAD Location Remaning Shelf life at Location Transit time + Other Misc. Activity times Expected remaining shelf life at At receiving Batch Confirmed Quantity Confirmed Delievry Date Confirmed Location

M P 100 3/04/2011 150 days 10 P 200 30 165 B1 10 3/04/2011 P

150 days 40 P1 90 35 50 B3 0 29/03/2011

150 days 20 P1 120 36 79 B2 0 28/03/2011

150 days 40 P2 110 36 69 B2 0 28/03/2011

150 days 55 P3 200 33 162 B1 55 31/03/2011

150 days 40 P3 300 36 259 B6 35 28/03/2011

M P 100 150 205 P 100 3/04/2011 P

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Hello Senthil,

Can you let me know if we can consider shelf life in gATP when there is no configurable material?


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