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GATP T codes

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I am new to GATP.Can u please send T codes used in GATP.



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You will get all the transaction codes in the menu path related to GATP.

SPRO related you will arequire to check in SPRO --> GATP

For your refrence I am providing Tcodes which is in the menu Path

<b>Advanced Planning and Optimization --> Global ATP --> Backorder Processing</b>

/SAPAPO/BOPI - Interactive Backorder Processing

/SAPAPO/BOP - Batch Backorder Processing

/SAPAPO/BOP_WORKLIST - Backorder Processing Worklist

/SAPAPO/BOP_COMPARE - Backorder Processing Comparison

/SAPAPO/BOP_MONITOR - Backorder Processing Monitor

/SAPAPO/BOP_RUNTIME - Backorder Processing Runtimes

/SAPAPO/BOP_RESULT - Backorder Processing Result

/SAPAPO/BOP_DELETE - Delete Backorder Processing

/SAPAPO/BOP_UPDATE - Update Backorder Processing

<b>Global ATP --> Backorder Processing --> Parallelization</b>



/SAPAPO/BOP_PARASTAT - Runtime Statistics

<b>Global ATP --> Backorder Processing --> Event-Driven Quantity Assignment (EDQA)</b>

/SAPAPO/ODL - Process Order Due Lists

/SAPAPO/ODLR - Complete Order Due Lists

/SAPAPO/ODL_LOG - Display Change Log

/SAPAPO/EDQA - Processes of Event-Driven Quantity Assignment

/SAPAPO/EDQA_DEL - Delete Process Data

Global ATP --> Reporting

/SAPAPO/AC03 - Product Availability

/SAPAPO/AC42 - Product Allocations

/SAPAPO/DMP1 - Forecast

/SAPAPO/AC04 - ATP Simulation

/SAPAPO/SCHED_TEST - Simulation Scheduling

/SAPAPO/AC12 - Simulation Rounding

/SAPAPO/EDQA_OS - Overview and Simulation of EGMZ

<b>Global ATP --> Environment --> Technical Monitors</b>

/SAPAPO/AC05 - Time Series

/SAPAPO/AC06 - Temporary Quantity Assignments

/SAPAPO/ATPTUBE_DISP - Parameter Buffer

/SAPAPO/AC07 - Exclusive Lock Records

/SAPAPO/ATREE_DSP - ATP Tree Structures

<b>Global ATP --> Environment --> Product Availability</b>

/SAPAPO/AC08 - Generate Safety Stock Requirement

/SAPAPO/ATPCH01 - Maintain ATP Characteristic View

<b>Global ATP --> Environment --> Product Allocations</b>

/SAPAPO/ATPQ_CHKCHAR - Characteristic Combinations

/SAPAPO/ATPQ_COLLECT - Characteristics of Collective Product Allocations

/SAPAPO/ATPQ_ALERT - Shortage Check

<b>Global ATP --> Environment --> Third-Party Order Processing</b>

/SAPAPO/TPOP_POREL - Convert Planned Purchase Orders

/SAPAPO/ATP_GCM - Condition Maintenance

<b>Global ATP --> Environment --> Packaging Specification</b>

/SCWM/PACKSPEC - Maintain Packaging Specification

/SCWM/PSWORKSTEP - Maintain Packaging Work Step

/SCWM/PSEG - Maintain Level Element Group

/SCWM/PSCT6 - Condition Maintenance

/SCWM/PSCT5 - Define Logical Conditions for Packaging Specifications

/SCMB/15000024 - Define Master Data for Packaging Specifications

/SCWM/IPU - Initial Data Transfer of Packing Specifications

<b>Global ATP --> Environment --> Application Log</b>

/SAPAPO/ATPLOG_DEL - Delete Application Log

/SAPAPO/ATPLOG_DSP - Display Application Log

/SAPAPO/ATPLOG - Maintain Parameters for Application Log


Global ATP --> Environment --> Current Settings

S_AP9_75000212 - Filter Type

S_AP9_75000206 - Sort Profile

S_AP9_75000183 - Special Sorting

/SAPAPO/VASOSORT - Variant-Dependent Special Sorting

S_AP9_75000184 - Generate Filter Type and Sort Profile

S_AP9_86000161 - Check Level

/SAPAPO/60000142 - Order Due Lists

For Rule maintenenace you will require to follow

Advanced Planning and Optimization --> Master Data --> Rule Maintenance

/SAPAPO/RBA04 - Integrated Rule Maintenance

/SAPCND/AO11 - Create Rule Determination

/SAPCND/AO12 - Change Rule Determination

/SAPCND/AO13 - Display Rule Determination

/SAPCND/AO14 - Copy Rule Determination

Apart from the above transaction you will require to know R/3 related transactions also.

For more details you can check the help of GATP.

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Thank you. It is useful for all APO consultant.

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Thanks for ur kind response and also for giving me references to go ahead