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Hi experts,

For STO's the lead time is taking times from the route definined in the condition type in GATP.

To be more precise. The transportation lanes are created from manufacturing location ( Delhi) to DC Distribution center (Mumbai) and the days mentioned in the T Lane is 5 days.

But the route times which i have in the condition type for transportation is 3 days. so when TLB is run, it creates stock transport orders and its taking route times but not considering transportation lane times. So in GATP transportation and shipment scheduling is there any config which overrides the route times and considers the transportation lane time for STO's.

Pls guide me the configs required.

Thank U

Shruthi s

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shruti,

In SAP standard the GATP scheduling will try to read the transport duration first from the TLANE and second from the condition technique and last it will estimate if nothing was found before.

I suppose the system did not find a TLANE due to missing customizing

Check my note 1390018 and recheck the customizing:

"Assign a means of transport to the transportation lane and define

the transportation duration and a transportation calendar.

Via the customizing in

SPRO -> Advanced Planning and Optimization -> Global

Available-to-Promise (Global ATP) -> Transportation and Shipment

Scheduling -> Interfaces -> Define Assignment of Default Means of

Transport to Shipping Conditions

you need to assign a means of transport to a shipping condition (from

the sales order) here, otherwise the transporation lane is not found !"

Hope this helps.

best regards,


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HI Michael,

I just want to add my experience and give more clarity to your statement.

Your statement: "In SAP standard the GATP scheduling will try to read the transport duration first from the TLANE and second from the condition technique and last it will estimate if nothing was found before "

I was trying to use Route from condition type scheduling with transportation calendar.

Route: 000001

Plant: 1000 with shipping calendar( ZSHIP) --PST time zone

Shipto party: 0000491100 with receiving calendar( ZREC)- EST time zone

Maintained a scheduling step with 000001, 1000, 0000491100 duration 72:00

Created a Lane in APO between 1000 and 0000491100 with MoT 'truck' , zero duration and transportation calendar 'ZTRAN'.

Assigned blank shipping condition to Truck MoT in SPRO.

My scheduling result showed, ZSHIP , ZTRAN, ZREC calendars with duration 43:29. Scheduling result  showed it is successful with condition record 000001,1000,0000491100. but did not pick up route duration.

As per you statement, when transportation duration is zero, it should have picked Route duration 72 that is available but it picked estimated time.I believe estimated time is the last option to be evaluated.

When I  changed transportation lane and switch on  Fix duration indicator with zero duration, then it picked Route from condition table as well as respecting transportation calendar.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Shruthi,

For this issue, what I would do is I would create a condition type that accepts the transportation time and control this using access sequence defined at the document type.

For the TLB, is there a different document type is considered ( NB or UB ?) If yes, just creat the access sequence and make sure that you are maintaining the condition record with the releavant values as per your need.

If such a document type is not available - I would enhance the field catalog by enhancing the structure /SAPAPO/KOMGU.

Hope you understood what I am trying to say. Get back to me if you have any questions.

Thank you

Babu Kilari