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GATP BOP Sort - what happens if a Special Sort profile criteria is filled partially only

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Hello experts,

we do need a new sort profile for a GATP-BOP run where a defined Sales Order Number (VBAK-VBELN) is being positioned as number 1 and the rest should be sorte using generic sort criteria (OrderType, etc.).

I do see DELNR as a criteria in the defining the sort profile and would like to use the special sort profile then to add this order number (let's say 123456). What happens now with the BOP sorting if my special sort profile does only contain 1 specific order number under DELNR - will BOP use the next criteria to sort the remaining backorders not mentioned in the special sort profile (in my case its the OrderType) or will it still sort the other orders using the DELNR ?

Thanks for your help



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