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function module in update task

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i am using userexit mv50afz1 in the FORM USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT. i am using transaction vl09

and thourgh this transaction i am using a bi for updating a field in transaction vl02n.

since both transactions are connected i used the fm in update task.

i have two problems:

1.when i am trying to debugg the fm i dont see the debugger go into it. i know that i should switch something on but i dont know what.

2. after i cancel the post good issue and push enter i get the following message

Express document "Update was terminated"

what exactly is it?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1. You can switch on 'update debugging' in menu point 'settings'. Normally second session appears where update execution will run. If you have problems, try break-point at commit work and execute this command with F5. That works for sure.

2. You have a wrong program design. With an additional commit work you have corrupted the transaction logic -> now your logical unit of work was splitted into two (or more) parts and something like 'cancel' leads to inconsistencies.

3. You can make your changes 'later' (outside of this transaction). Create some change pointers, which will build a todo-list. A separate report can read them, call transaction and mark the pointers as 'obsolete' (with 'X').

Have a look at the following posts, to get an idea of 'how to':

Kind regards,


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Yifat,

<b>1.</b> To be able to debug an update task do the following. From the normal debugging screen click on the settings button. From here you check the Update Debugging checkbox. Then hit continue. Your update session will be in debug (starting with the first update function module, and executing them in turn, one after the other).

The best thing to do is put a hard break point in your function module so that when you are in the update debugging you can just hit continue and it will go straight to your function. This hard break point will be ignored in normal processing.

<b>2.</b> You are getting an update terminate as you <b>cannot</b> do batch input in update task. Only direct table updates (either your own, or through a function module/bapi) are supported.

Hope that helps.


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In the Debug Mode, go to Settings-->Update Debugging.


Anand Mandalika.