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Forecast model runs correctly, but target key figure is not updated

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Hello Experts,

When we run a forecast model on our planning view and look into the status of the statistical forecast it looks okay but no values are stored for our Target Key Figure.

For example, we defined an MLR algorithm as follows in the IBP side:

In the app Manage Forecast Models, to create the MLR forecast model we only filled in the Forecasting Steps with the following information:

We saved the forecast model and assined it to our planning area in app Assign Forecast Model:

Then we opened IBP add-in and create a new view using these three key figures and the LOCID and PRODID.

Then we simulate the MLR model:

We were careful to make sure all key figures were in the same planning level.
When we execute nothing happens - no new values for key figures and/or filled in for the empty KF

We also tried to do an advanced statistical forecast in the advanced tab considering the following inputs:

We see no need to fill in the 'Forecast Model for Planning  Objects Without assignement' since all our object have MLR forecast model assigned in the IBP side. Then we run and this is the result we have in the statistical forecast status:

It looks to me that the forecast runs successfully although my target key figure from the forecast model 'Statistical Fsct Qty' is not filled with any values. Everything remains the same. I was exepecting that this key figure would store the result of the forecast but it is empty as you can see below:

Hope you can help me,

Thank you,

Maria Catarina Silva

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Former Member

Hi Maria,

If the stat model ran successfully, your stat forecast quantity  should be in 9 future weekly buckets.

Why do you think the forecast quantity should be populated in 2014 weekly buckets.

Thanks, Nikhil

Former Member

Thank you a lot Nikhil That was it!


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