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Forecast Consumption Reduces Planned Quantity

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All, I would appreciate the Community's feedback with regards to why we are seeing the forecast (Planned Qty in RRP3) reduced.

A number of examples have been identified where the forecast quantity has been reduced by the withdrawn quantity and the Remaining Quantity reflects the Planned Quantity.

We are more used to seeing the forecast remain as per the DP forecast but Remaining Quantity reducing by the sum of allocated quantity and withdrawal quantity.

Columns represent From and To dates, Plan Qty (Forecast from DP), Withdrawals, Allocated, Remaining Plan Qty.

Row 1 is the reduced forecast which when released to SNP = 516 for the w/c 04.08.2014


We have a number of examples like this but the more conventional reduction of Remaining Planned Quanity is the norm'.

Thanks for any feedback.

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Hi Chris,

Sometimes you have this kind of inconsistencies in the Forecast tab of RRP3. If you look at Elements tab, do you also have the same problem with the Remaining Qty? If you see differences between these two tabs, please check this note, you maybe need to run: /SAPAPO/CSP_CORRECT_FCST :

1394136 - Report/SAPAPO/CSP_CORRECT_FCST: adjust consumption

Thanks and Regards,


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Thanks for the feedback Mariano. We have tried running this program but this does not fix the problem.

The forecast quantity is consistent in both forecast and elements tabs.

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Hi Chris,

Take a look of this old SAP note (it for R/3, but maybe you can find the reason):

- FAQ: Independent requirements reduction/withdrawal quantity

Question 9: What are common reasons for the reduction not  occurring?


  • For planning strategies with planned independent requirements consumption: Have the prerequisites for the consumption been fulfilled (see Note 772856)? Were there independent requirements quantities to be reduced at the time of the goods movement in the forward/backward consumption periods (planning quantity > 0)?
  • For goods movements from inventory management (MM): Is the 'Independent requirements reduction' (PABKZ) indicator set for the movement type (transaction OMJJ)?
  • For goods movements from SD (for example, transaction VL02) for reducing the make-to-stock production (requirements type LSF): Is the 'Requirement reduction' (PABKZ) indicator set in the requirements class of the customer requirement (transaction OVZG)?
  • For stock transfers/transfer postings: A reduction does not occur for stock transfers in a planning segment. Only stock transfers between different plants, MRP areas and planning segments can reduce planned independent requirements.
  • Is an MRP type that provides 'Reorder point planning', 'Forecast-based planning' or 'No material requirements planning' set for the material? See the modification of Note 68641 if you want to allow the reduction for these materials.

Hope this helps,

Kind Regards,


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The following OSS Notes were applied to resolve the issue.