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force HU warehouse task

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I have a warehouse managed by HUS embedded EWM.

All the stock is in HU and every movement is always for a complete HU.

Is it possible to force production staging tasks (created by the /SCWM/STAGE) to be created as HU warehouse tasks?

Now a product warehouse task is created. But not HU warehouse task.

Any customizing available at warehouse process or warehouse type?.


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Hi Daniel,

Which staging method are you using?

If it's order-specific, it's not possible. At some point the stock has to receive the document reference (PWR), which can only be done by product WT. Even if you find a way via layout-oriented storage control to first create HU WTs, there will always be product WTs for the actual picking.

If it's cross-order, there's no reference document in the stock, but I think you won't manage to do it in standard.

It doesn't matter however, if you use cross-order staging, just set pick HU control to 1 and it should lead to the same result (RF screens won't be too pretty though, although homogeneous removal is set).