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FM for putaway WT creation from GR-ZONE without Inbound Delivery without HU

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Hi all,

In synchrounous goods movement posting from MIGO, I have a requirement to create the putaway task after posting the GR in GR-ZONE. Is there any FM that we can use to create putaway WT for product from GR-ZONE without Inbound Delivery and without HU?

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/SCWM/PUT_BIN_DET is very versatile and should be suitable for your requirement. Fill the stock data in IT_PUTREQ. Afterwards, use /SCWM/TO_CREATE to create the WT.

Or: configure a propery putaway strategy for a WPT that you want to use and just call /SCWM/TO_CREATE with stock data + the WPT that you defined. It will run putaway strategy.

If this does not suit your requirement, we need more context, for example configuration of your destination storage types (putaway by HU WT?).