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Flexible Upload of Data for several periods/years

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Hey Colleagues,

my client wants me to develop a new functionality to upload data for several periods/years. The function they are using right now and correctly is the flexible upload.

As we have already developed several custom tasks and enhancements/modifications we try to not modificate further SAP standard or to post directly (back-door solution)


It is no problem to start the flexible upload for different selecitons and to provide the values in an excel sheet. But I have problems to avoid a popup for selecting the excel file. It would be no problem if for example Batch-Input would work here, or if we would post directly using standard functionality (posting method with data change) but in this case we try to use the flex upload.

Has anyone experienced a similiar problem? Can we use the flex upload with suppressing the popup to select the file WITHOUT an enhancement?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can put the file name in the configuration (UCWB=> Data Collection => Method). Just tick the "PresServ" and then fill the "File Name".

Hope it helps.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thank you guys! That was the right answer!

Now I have to check weather the upload works only for one period or more. If only for one I will call the method per custom code as often as I need it - or data is in the excel table.

Hava a good weekend!

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Hi Yavuz,

Yes this can work for every period in one year - use the multiperiod processing option, available since EHP2 (BCS 6.02).

The multiperiod processing requires you to define the consolidation cycle and start period, so you could define it to start with p1 and include all 12+ periods of the year.

NB the multiperiod processing is initiated by running with selection screen - right click and selec "run for remaining periods of the year"

You can run either a task or a task group for the rest of the consoliation cycle, but data collection with flexible upload MUST have the presentation server settings (already mentioned above) or the data collection task will not work.

So you make the configuration settings

You then save your multi-period file on the presentatin server

You then go to data collection (flexible upload) task in p1 and "run for remaining periods"

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Yes, I agree, you can store your file on the server, and the system will automatically take the file when executing the task.

I have never used this possibility but I know it works.

Maybe there's also something to configure in t-code FILE