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Fiscal year Variant with 53 weeks

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Hi guys,

We were facing a problem with 53 weeks in our fiscal year variant for the year 2017. The posting period is defined as 52 and in the calendar 53 weeks are maintained. Due to which we were not able to create time series object beyond 53 rd week ( 2017053) .

We came up with a solution of manually entering 53 posting weeks in the table T009Y for the year 2017. After which we were able to create time series objects beyond 2017053. We have done this in our development environment and as of now its working fine.

Has anyone done this before or is there any other possible solution? Also can anyone tell me about the possible impacts of manually changing data in T009Y. We also have BW for reporting part. Will there be any issues with the integration?

Any suggestions will be helpful.

Thanks Regards


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I am assuming that at least a portion of your 2017 week 53 falls in January of 2018.

To create the 53rd week for 2017, enter it as first period of the 2018 calendar,  period number 53, and year shift as -1.  The subsequent period in the 2018 calendar would presumably then be period number 1, and would not contain a year shift entry.

Best Regards,