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First Period and First Year of Consolidation

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Hi Gurus !

We have a typical issue with the BCS implementation, please help me sort it out :

1. We have an old BCS system which is more than 10 years old, all transports are archived, hence, during upgrade, we were unable to bring in the old transports.

2. We decided to rebuild the BCS System from scratch, in the upgraded BI system.

3. In the old BCS system, the First period and first year of consolidation is starting from 9 / 2005 onwards.

4. In the new BCS system, which we are rebuilding, we can not give the first year and first period as 9 / 2005 because the system will expect us to run the consolidation tasks from 2005 onwards.

5. To avoid execution of consolidation tasks from 2005, would it be recommendable to have first period and year of consolidation as 07 / 2014?

Please suggest any other work around to resolve this issue.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I'm afraid that if you set 1st period and year of consolidation the reporting for earlier periods will fail.

The BCS reporting logic reads this to determine when the data should be included on the reported consolidated results.

On another note, the configuration of BCS may be transported using the tools view which may be activated in the BCS workbench menu path edit settings. This is much easier than reconfiguring from scratch.

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