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Hello Experts,

I am trying to filter products in BADI /IBP/ECC_SAVE_MATERIAL~SAVE_MARA_MASS before it gets updated in /IBP/MARA_EXT. But I see an entry that is filtered out from /IBP/MARA_EXT is still available in /IBP/MARC_EXT.

For ex: I have a logic in BADI /IBP/ECC_SAVE_MATERIAL~SAVE_MARA_MASS to filter and update only FERT products in /IBP/MARA_EXT. But I see an entry of non FERT product that is filtered out from /IBP/MARA_EXT is still getting updated in /IBP/MARC_EXT.

It looks inconsistent, will system not take care of this ?

Please suggest.


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Can you enlighten me, I implemented the mentioned BADI/methods, but when /IBP/MARA_EXT is executed in SE16N, the rows quantity hasn't changed, is something missing here?.

Furthermore, when I run the SE16N, it never goes through the breakpoint.

Help please!

Thank you.

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Hi bindhu.konidala

/IBP/MARA_EXT and /IBP/MARC_EXT are separate structure, where the former is meant for product MDT and the later is for LOCPRODentity.
There is a separate BADI for material location, you need to put the same FERT filter, which I think you cant put directly in that BADI, so you need to do a lookup /IBP/MARA_EXT table and if the product exists then allow the loc prod to be updated.Also check the IBP IM tcode which is avilable after you install the addon in ECC or S4. I think thier will be filter by material type