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FIFO Warehouse Management

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On our warehouse we manage 23K part numbers. Around 10 of them have a life span and when expired those are sent to scrap.

Is there any way we can create a conditional for just those part numbers for picking process (TO's) and have the system display the storage location where the oldest is stored according to the batch's GR date?

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Hi Fabiola,

Of course EWM can do that.

First you specify a stock removal rule to sort the possible quants as you prefer in the moment of creating pick warehouse tasks:

SPRO > Extended Warehouse Management > Goods Issue Process > Strategies > Specify Stock Removal Rule.

You can sort by date of goods receipt (WDATU), then you have FIFO; or by expiration date (VFDAT), then you have FEFO (first expiration, first out). If the parts you are speaking of are batch managed and have an expiration date always correctly maintain, I would recommend the latter, as there could be disruptions between goods receipt date and expiration date (in case your providers are not always sending the oldest batch first or in case of customer returns).

If you want this rule to apply only to some materials, you use a specific stock removal control indicator for them. Finally you define the determination of the different removal rules in "Determine Storage Type Search Sequence for Stock Removal".

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Isn't this just standard batch search strategy functionality in the warehouse?