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EWM-WCU IDOC /SCWM/WMTOID01 seems not providing syntax to create a difference WT

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Hello EWM experts,

in our scenario, we use a EWM-WCU connected storage type (like described here from @Gunter ) to connect an external warehouse management system (WMS) in "black box" setup (as described here)

"Black box" means that external WMS is full blown and does the complete inventory management on quant level, meaning WMS keeps all SAP EWM stock identifying fields (like /SCWM/DE_MATNR, /SCWM/DE_CHARG or /LIMEB/STOCK_CATEGORY,...)

In this scenario, the external WMS can "move stock around" by sending a /SCWM/WMTCID01 (/SCWM/WMTORD) IDOC to EWM. This IDOC will create a WT in EWM.

But what should external WMS do, if it likes to reduce the stock quantity ? (e.g. as a result of a PI count difference in external WMS)

In EWM itself, a WT can be confirmed with an exception code similar to "DIFW" leading to a difference analyzer entry.

But neither in segment /SCWM/E1LORI001 is EXCCODE(BUSCON+EXEC_STEP) available nor is in ABAP code of /SCWM/IDOC_INPUT_WMTORD and the IDOC definition of /SCWM/WMTOID01 the handling of segment /SCWM/E1LEXCP forseen.

In ERP-WM, it was straight forward to create a immediately confirmed TO (by WMTOID01 IDOC) to storage type 999

How should that work equivalently in EWM ?

Thanks & best regards,

... and yes, we use EWM-MFS to drive our warehouses by default, but this one uses EWM-WCU

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possible solution

  1. use /SCWM/WMTORD standard, allowing the external WMS to create a open product warehouse task
  2. use 711/712 like WPT
  3. Source + destination storage bin is the actual storage bin for the stock and can be equal
  4. exclude 711/712 like WPT in external WMS interface to avoid outgoing /SCWM/WMTORD for created WT
  5. use BAdI at end of WT creation CR_POST to start confirmation of incomming difference WT
    This confirmation can use a DIFW like exception and always quantity zero

By this, external WMS can sent stock adjustments, which are immediately populated to /SCWM/DIFF_ANALYZER