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EWM Use a flexible Storage type

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Dear colleagues,

I have a challenge. After I was able to complete the setup of the block storage types with the help of the community here, I had to realise that this does not meet the customer's requirements.
I need to set up storage types that allow multiple materials with different batches in the same locations. Entire HUs are to be picked from these locations.

The setup as a block storage location was necessary so that the LAER / WHSO can be found.

Can the use of the flexible storage be helpful for correct use?




Can the use as "open storage" help me?



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Generally Flexible storage is a dynamic and ad hoc storage system which can be altered based on the product intended to stock. It is unlike conventional storage system, devoid of fixed racks, structures, or bins. Storage bin is created whenever the put away is completed for the respective products.

It is well suited for businesses dealing with seasonal products and demands. For instance, considering a business with multi range products (Air conditioning systems, umbrella, raincoats), the demand to stock will predominantly rely on the seasons. In this case, flexible storage system will be suitable for stocking AC during summer and Raincoats during Monsoon.


Now you need to see it and analyze



Rashid Khan