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EWM Serialnumber check ODO

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Hello community,

I hope you can help me in the following case:

I activated the serial number requirement for document items and everything works fine, but in the ODO we can type in any combination of letters an numbers for the serial number, and I´m able to book this ODO goods issue. It should only be possible to use a serial number which was booked goods received with an inbound delivery.

Is this somehow possible?

thank you very much and greetings


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


pretty sure it is - but it depends on you serial number requirement.

I suppose that the serial number requirement is "A", based on "I activated the serial number requirement for document items". That means that it might not be necessary to enter serial numbers at all during goods receipt - so how should such a check be possible?

Have you tried serial number requirement B or C?



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Ok just for info,

I wasnt able to find any SAP Standard solution for this problem, so we had to develope something.



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Hello again,

The correct table is /scwm/dlv_seri

in this tabel every SN number is saved for every delivery. So at the moment we receive an inbound delivery (SN included) from ERP. We want to have a check when entering a serial number during the outbound process, only serial numbers can be used that exists in the table

/scwm/dlv_seri. It would be also ok if an error message occurs during goods issue booking. Is there a way to realize this with the SAP standard?

thank you very much


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Hello Jürgen and thank you for the answer,

with "A" we have to type in a Serial number during goods receipt

, it is required. And I also think that the serial numbers are saved in this table:

/SCWM/SERH (I,m not 100% sure).

Is there a way without any development to be only allowed to use serial numbers existing in table /SCWM/SERH

for the good issue process.

We don't want to use SN requirement "B" because we don't want to change the whole pick process, we just want to type in the SN numbers manually right before the goods issue booking is done.