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EWM : RF skip cursor movement and move to next screen

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Hi All,

I am having 2 fields on my RF screen. Material and HU. WH user can scan anyone field and move no next screen as per auto-enter functionality in the scan gun. However, when material ( position 1 on screen ) is scanned, auto enter causes cursor to move to field HU ( position 2 on screen ) .

My requirement is to move to next screen directly instead of cursor moving on next field of same screen . I see that PAI FM is not triggered on hitting enter so I am clueless on how to overcome this stdnard behaviour.

Please suggest.

Thanks !!

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For your logical transaction->Step, please check if Skip Shortcut is checked or not. under the below screenshot. I believe this might be the reason.

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Hi Pratham,

As per name it seems that checkbox can skip shortcut box only. Could you tell me how do we maintain it. In the screenshot above there is only display option.

Also, in general is there any way to trigger PAI on enter of a sunscreen field rather than moving cursor to next field.