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EWM Quality Inspection in outbound

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Hi Sir,

How can we do quality inspection for outbound picked items in SAP EWM?

Can we do above process in Fiori? Or we need Add-on program?


There are many types of errors while we do picking and consolidate picked items in other HU.

For example )

 ・Shortage & Overage compared to requested quantity.

 ・Wrong part picking.

 ・Put the parts into wrong HU.

 ・Put the parts into Wrong consolidated storage bins. etc...

To minimize the picking and consolidation errors for improve shipping errors and additional freight..., we would like to do quality inspection for outbound while we are consolidating the items into consolidated HU.

We highy appreciate if you provide some ideas and comments.

Thank you very much.


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Product and Topic Expert



Right now there is no QM process for outbound in EWM.

And reading the list of things you want to check... not sure if QM would help you there... Maybe you can add a VAS step, so that some supervisor checks what has been done. But of course there is no follow-up action or something like that possible.




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Hi Juergen,

Thank you for your comments.

I would like to explain more detail concepts for this operation.

When the picked items are stayed in staging zone (before packing), quality check operators scan the ODO from picking slip with mobile device (RF gun or mobile phone etc...), then they scan the HU number from HU sticker, parts number from parts label , and QTY with typing to check that the picker picked correct items and put them into correct staging bin or HU.

In Japan, some of company do this process before packing to find the mistakes (I do not know they are doing this process with SAP but at least they are doing this process with their self development system with Handy Terminal.)

Thank you.

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Hi Kento,

the checking process you describe could be handled with standard repacking in outbound. This is a process, where you scan the HU and confirm all the products and quantities in this HU. Actually you can enter the same HU as an destination HU - WT is created, just confirming this step was processed. We've just implemented such a process, only slightly modifying the outbound RF packing.