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EWM PPF status unprocessed - Start Condition status is met

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Please help me to sort out the problem.

I have configured a PPF action under following details:

Application: /SCDL/DELIVERY

Action Profile: /SCWM/PDO_01

Action : /SCWM/PDO_01_POST_GI

Processing Time: Processing When saving document

Schedule Condition: /SCWM/GI_POSTING

As you can understand this is a PPF which is supposed to perform Goods Issue for the delivery automatically. For the Warehouse where it's required to perform, does not always process Handling Units. The requirement is if the product is handling unit managed, the PPF needs to be triggered only after Packing and Staging is completed. If the product is non-HU managed the PPF needs to trigger after Picking and Staging Completion. That is in a Nutshell, the PPF needs to be triggered only when the Product (HU or non-HU) is placed in Staging Area.

Can I achieve this maintaining some 'Start Condition' Parameter? if so, what would it be? What table, field or BO Object or Class should I maintain in the Start Condition?

P.S. - To add further, I have tried maintaining a custom Start Condition code in BAdI: EVAL_STARTCOND_PPF, where I am checking the Stock Location of the delivery using Function Module /SCWM/STOCK_LOC_GET and if the Storage Type in the output table is Staging Area', then I am passing ep_rc = 0, otherwise ep_rc = 4 (as per the parameter of the Method IF_EX_EVAL_STARTCOND_PPF~EVALUATE_START_CONDITION).

The PPF is getting determined but in unprocessed status with 'Start Condition met'. What can I do to auto trigger the PPF once the start condition is met?

Any help would be rewarded.


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Hi Amit,

I believe this blog post may help you:

All credits to the author, Samiullah Sheik.

"Approach 2: Adding a new field to set the real DPD status

Add a new Z field Z_DPP_DPD_STATUS”( Real DPD status) in the condition table used for managing the condition records for Auto PGI PPF

Use BADI /SCWM/EX_DLV_PPF_CONF to include the new field “Z_DPP_DPD_STATUS”

Load the current status of all the items in the delivery and check DPD status of all items. If all the items have 0 or 9 then it is set to X, otherwise it will be left as blank.

Condition records should be maintained by including real DPD status = X. Only when this condition is fulfilled Auto PGI PPF will be triggered


Approach 2: Adding a new field to set the real DPD status


  1. Serves the purpose as it uses DPD instead DPI
  2. Faster execution as decision is made in the schedule condition evaluation instead of start condition
  3. Follows the SAP recommendation of not using SCWM/DLV_CONF_ST for PPF actions, which have processing time 'Immediate'
  4. Using development switch framework, it is possible to populate new field for only certain warehouses. This helps in faster execution time for other warehouses that donot need Auto PGI functionality as the BADI will not load all delivery items for other Warehouses.


  1. Bespoke functionality as a new field is added to the condition record and BADI is implemented to fill the value in the field"

Maybe you can explore status 'ST (Staging)' instead of DPD to see if works as you require.

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Hi Luan,

I see the Status 'DST' instead of 'ST' in Status Profile. I have activated DST in both header and item level of the delivery. However, the Delivery status showing DST as 'not relevant' . Question is - is this status 'DST' relates to Production Staging or Outbound Delivery related Staging (i.e. pick > pack > Staging)?