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EWM - Picking WT creation fails due lack of stock

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Hi All,

In WH monitor I see the stock existing for a product and batches assigned to it. While creating Picking WT, this stock is not considered and WT creation fails . It gives the messages that Batch restricted stock is not considered for the storage types. 

Can anyone please confirm, why batch stock is not considered although batch is given during WT creation. I tried with and without batch but it gives same error 'No Source bin found'


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Exact Error is - Restricted batch stock have skipped for process type Z201
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Product and Topic Expert
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first thing to check would be the picking strategy.

Create the WT in the foreground. Before anything, select the tab "Stk can be Removed". Then you can use the log to see what storage type search sequence is found. Is your stock found? Are the correct storage types included (in the storage type search sequence)?

You wrote that the message says that "batch restricted stock is not considered". So is the batch free? 



All the above is no official SAP statement.

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